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Craftbox V-Play 20K Disposable Vape with Retro Game Review

Craftbox V-Play 20K Disposable Vape with Retro Game Review
By Shane Myvapor 1 month ago 103 Views No comments

vplay 20k vape

Looking for a vaping experience that combines functionality with entertainment? Look no further than the V-Play 20000 by Craftbox! This innovative disposable vape offers a long-lasting, flavorful vape session along with built-in retro video games to keep you entertained wherever you go.


1. Extended Vaping Pleasure: With an impressive 25ml e-liquid capacity and a powerful 850mAh battery, you can enjoy days of vaping without worrying about running out.

2. Intense Flavor: Experience rich and satisfying flavor thanks to the adjustable airflow and dual mesh coil technology, delivering a vaping experience comparable to high-end devices.

3. Entertainment On-the-Go: Take a break from vaping and immerse yourself in three classic retro games on the vibrant 1.77-inch HD display, adding a fun element to your vaping routine.

4. Safety Features: Rest assured with the child-lock mechanism, ensuring that your vape stays out of the wrong hands for peace of mind.

5. Wide Flavor Selection: Choose from a variety of tantalizing flavors, each expertly crafted to suit different preferences and cravings.

craftbox vplay vape 20k with game


1. Disposable Nature: While convenient, the disposable nature of the V-Play 20000 means that once the e-liquid is depleted or the battery dies, the entire device needs to be responsibly disposed of, which may not be environmentally friendly for some users.

2. Limited Gaming Options: While the inclusion of retro games is a fun addition, the selection is limited to three games, which may not appeal to all users, especially those looking for more variety or modern gaming experiences.

Overall, the Craftbox V-Play 20000 offers a unique and enjoyable vaping experience, perfect for gamers, flavor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a blend of functionality and entertainment in their vape. Despite its drawbacks, the device's impressive features and innovative design make it a compelling option for those looking to elevate their vaping journey. Say goodbye to mundane vapes and upgrade to the V-Play 20000 for a vaping journey filled with flavor and fun!

Craftbox V-Play 20K Disposable Vape with Retro Game 25ml

vplay game vape


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